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You are invited to attend North Dakota’s longest running and best saddle bronc match rodeo – the “Champions Ride Match Rodeo.” This one-time summer event is Saturday, August 5, 2017 at the Home On The Range arena, just west of Sentinel Butte, North Dakota.

This exciting family event is for rodeo fans, or people who want to experience some real wild west!

Saddle bronc riding comes from the early cowboy era. Cowboys and ranch hands had to tame horses to be used to ride the prairie, move cattle, or check miles of fence. For excitement, cowboys would turn this horse breaking into a competition – to see which cowboy could ride the longest time or the meanest bucking horse. This eventually became the classic event of organized rodeos.

The Champions Ride Saddle Bronc Match mirrors this saddle bronc tradition. Professional cowboys are invited to the rodeo. The contestants randomly draw a horse from a hat and then ride it. The cowboys’ ride and horses’ bucking pattern are judged and receive up to 50 points each, with a combined score up to 100 points. The cowboys with the highest combined scores advance to the final round. They then draw for another horse, make another ride, wait for the scores to be tallied, and the winner to be announced. This Champion receives a cash prize, a commemorative rifle, and a hand-made bronc saddle.

Cowboys enter the event because of the prize money they could win, the competition and comaraderie, and the reputation of the rodeo and the horses; but mostly to raise money and awareness for Home On The Range and the children it serves. Proceeds from the rodeo funds the children’s programs and activities.

Home On The Range (HOTR) was organized in 1949 to offer guidance and a home to troubled or abused children. The boys and girls may have experienced broken lives and dreams. By using values such as caring, honesty, respect, integrity and trust, HOTR staff help the children and their families become a healthy family unit.

The Champions Ride Saddle Bronc Match and wild west excitement begin at 1:00 M.D.T. at the Home On The Range rodeo arena, just 17 miles west of Medora, North Dakota. Fans and guests are encouraged to attend the rodeo and watch some of the best saddle bronc riders compete for the title. Concessions and limited bleachers are available. For tickets and more information, contact Home On The Range at 701- 872-3745 or visit www.hotrnd.com.

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Champions Ride Match is now sanctioned by the P.R.C.A.